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Two Owners, Two Styles, Lotsa Fab
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On a beautiful day in Hawaii, what started off as just another local barbeque, somehow turned into another impulsive but creative bike build.

After throwing around ideas with Discovery Channel’s Chica and throwing back a few beers, we were able to come up with another awesome bike idea. We came to the conclusion that we were going to use one of Chica’s unicorn design frames with our own dimensions.

The bike was going to be long, low and dark.
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We wanted the bike to have more of an industrial look rather than the “bling-bling” look that people are accustomed to lately.

The bike started off being built for one customer but ended up in the hands of another. Of course, in the world of business, this kind of thing happens all the time and usually isn’t a problem.

But the new customer happened to be twice the size and twice the weight of the first customer, which meant drastic changes to the set-up of the bike. But what’s a bike build without a little challenge?!

Even though we were unable to debut the bike at the show, it still received mixed reviews. I, personally, love the look, while others see it as too simple.

But as is life, everyone has their own opinion. To me, it’s all good as long as it’s all about the bikes…

--Darren Ho, Kustom Fab
....see Bikernet for more details.
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80 Sand Island Access Rd.
Honolulu, HI 96819-4912
(808) 847-5322
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