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Fusion On Fire
A Kustom Fab Creation
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By Renegade, Darren and photos by Jim Russi
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Fusion: The act or process of melting or making plastic by heat. A union made by use of light atomic nuclei to form heavier nuclei with the release of huge quantities of energy Just in case you didn’t know.--Renegade
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After coming home from a Vegas road trip, It was decided, it was time to shake things up. It was proposed to Mr. Kuwahara that we should participate in the first Hawaiian Biker Build-Off.

This was a contest to match-up the fabrication skills of Roger Kuwahara of Kustom Fab against the skills of Shannon Aikau of Counts Customs.

The competition would allow both builders to show off their fabrication skills.
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The first thing we needed was a sponsor for this hot new bike. A good friend of the shop and customer, Mr. Lindemann, was willing to give us free reign to design this dream bike.

So, with a sponsor who was just as excited as we were, we started production.

Everyone had their “missions.”
• Mel’s job was to chase down all the parts needed.
• Roger had to start the seat fabrication and think of new concepts for all the LED lighting being incorporated.
• The newest member of the team, Scotty, did whatever else was possible including sweeping the decks and running for lunch..

....see Bikernet for more details.
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80 Sand Island Access Rd.
Honolulu, HI 96819-4912
(808) 847-5322
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Roger Kuwahara

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Mel Takano

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Norio Akai

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Darren Ho

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