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The Punisher (Chris Antone)

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Darren's comments:

When I started this bike project, I had all sorts of big ideas.

It's great to be able to unleash unlimited thoughts of concepts you could do to your bike. But like most people, budget became the biggest factor. Luckily, I was able to work with Roger of Kustom Fab Motorcycles, located in Honolulu, Hawaii, to help me through my financial woes.

Although this wasn't the first bike project I completed with Roger, the idea process was just as crucial.

I enjoyed a young, late '70s, stint as the first pro skateboard rider to be sponsored by Z-Flex, Town & Country and Kryptonics and flown to the mainland to compete.
For almost a decade I rode the Z-Boy craze at the root of skateboarding competition.

Now a welder, and a man of metal, I understand fabrication and enjoy working with a master (Roger).

As the work on the bike began, the project took on a mind of its own,

Roger conjured up new ideas daily. Fortunately, every wild whim, fabricated conception and mechanical inkling turned out just right, from the unique motor mount to the hidden wiring lines. The project was on the road to success.