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The Tiki Chop (Roger Kuwahara)

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My partner in crime and Kustom Fab owner, Roger, has been building custom bikes for customers for many years. After all the self-less work hours put into friends’ bikes, Roger decided that it was time to make his "dream bike" a reality.

The idea was set that Roger and I built a "shop bike" so that we could publicize the shop and create our custom fantasy.

So with the project in motion, Roger gave me an old frame that was sitting by the side of his house and the customizing began.

As the sheet metal covered the bare frame, it was obvious that this bike had potential. We began to throw around strange notions of unique styles to the islands. After a long night of pupus and beers, we came up with a Hawaiian theme.

What better way to show off the island style and give the bike that "old school" look.

The only problem was that this "dream bike" needed to be finished in two months. In addition we had another bike we planned to enter the 3rd annual Choppers Only Show on July 3rd.

The hectic deadline demanded long nights, understanding family members, and hard work.

Fortunately we were able to make the sacrifices needed and the finished product definitely speaks for itself.