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The Chopper (Mel Takano)

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Take a sunlit beach and surround it with arching palms, and blooming ruby hibiscus plants and you're nearing heaven.Then peer into the turquoise waters to the pearly depths that are so warm they call to you in the night. That's Hawaii and in a deeper sense stock cars and bikes shouldn't be allowed to roam the rich dense tropical hills.

There should be a goddamn law that if your vehicle ain't custom and painted with graphics and flames that capture the gorgeous nature of the islands, you lose your license.

Mel works construction operating heavy equipment and cranes. [Mel is enjoying retirement from construction, but is still the 'parts guy' for K-Fab].

Together Roger and Mel built bikes out of Roger's home.

"Mel's the front man," Roger said, "we describe him as being stealth like. He slips in and out of the shop unnoticed."

Since they merged to open their Kustom Fab shop four years ago Mel works sales, is responsible for purchasing and running the business side while Roger and Darren build bikes.