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Fusion (George Lindeman)

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After coming home from a Vegas road trip, It was decided, it was time to shake things up. It was proposed to Mr. Kuwahara that we should participate in the first Hawaiian Biker Build-Off.

This was a contest to match-up the fabrication skills of Roger Kuwahara of Kustom Fab against the skills of Shannon Aikau of Counts Customs.

The competition would allow both builders to show off their fabrication skills.

The first thing we needed was a sponsor for this hot new bike. A good friend of the shop and customer, Mr. Lindemann, was willing to give us free reign to design this dream bike.

So, with a sponsor who was just as excited as we were, we started production.

Everyone had their “missions.”
• Mel’s job was to chase down all the parts needed.
• Roger had to start the seat fabrication and think of new concepts for all the LED lighting being incorporated.
• The newest member of the team, Scotty, did whatever else was possible including sweeping the decks and running for lunch..