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El Toro (Mel Takano)

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How does a bunch of beach going, wave catching, pineapple eaters, come up with calling their latest project “El Toro?”

Well, I guess it all started with the man we built the bike for, “Da Bull,” aka Mel.
Mel runs the parts side of the shop and is a partner of Kustomfab.
We’re calling this a working bike feature, ‘cause most of the shots were taken during the build process.

Fortunately Jim Russi is going to shoot the bike for a national magazine and we’ll add some beauty shots down the road, so hang on for the bling. Wait, there's more. We're shooting El Toro with an island girl for the Girls of Bikernet section of Bandit's Cantina. Don't miss her.

In the meantime check this puppy out.

This bike was planned out over the past couple of years. Mel gathered parts for his bike, then sold them for newer and better stuff.

“I guess it’s one of the draw backs of seeing the latest and greatest parts that come out all the time,” said Mel, the parts guy. “It wasn’t until Roger and I starting getting the itch to put this bike together for the Winter Fest Bike show, that we started brainstorming. We had exactly one month to make it happen!”

Well let me tell you,” Mel said, “it was worth the long nights and stressful days. The bike turned out better then we thought it would…who needs 3-D cad cams, when you can design things in your head and still make it happen! It’s all good to us, if the final product turns out like this one.